About the Tutor

Our tutor has a signficant amount of tuition experience, has assisted students to achieve exception results and provides a wealth of resources and knowledge.

Additionally our tutor is DBS checked and has an exceptional academic record too!

What’s on Offer

No Fixed-Term Contract

Families are under no obligation to sign any contracts – a common sense and fair approach is maintained

Premium Customer Service

Tailored worksheets, question banks, links to suitable video content and much more is provided

Customised Plans

A diagnostic and tailored approach is undertaken to help students to achieve their academic potential

Weakness Detection

Weaknesses are tracked using colour coded spreadsheets or flashcards alongside exceptional studying techniques

Regular Feedback

Parents/guardians are informed regularly about student progress – transparent communication is paramount

Affordable Rates & Best Quality

Despite exceptional quality being provided, alongside a long list of excellent results – rates are priced very reasonably


There are literally hundreds of worksheets that are targetted at specific parts of a course syllabus

Weakness Tracking

Spaced repetition is key to examination success. Click here for further details.

Question Packs

Additional question packs are provided to assist students on getting further practice 

Core Values

Core Values

Empowering students to become indepdendent learners

One of the principle aims of Clear Maths Tuition is to not only maximise the likelihood of achieving success in pending examinations, but to develop skills that can be transferred in other subjects and many areas of life

Transparent and honest communication

With honest communication we can better tailor plans to help students achieve the goals that they want. We work together to tailor your learning around the syllabus, in a structured and progressive manner

Empathy and understanding

We begin our tuition by seeking first to understand rather than giving copius instructions. By learning more about student requirements, an organic and holistic approach to your learning will naturally follow



More about our Tutor

Rami Haddad

Founder and Tutor

After gaining attaining a 98% average in my GCSE Maths examinations, I completed A-Levels in Maths, Further Maths, Business Studies and Accounting. From there, I was able to achieve four unanimous A grades at A-Level (before introduction of A* grades), including full marks in C1, C2, C3 and C4 in A-Level Maths (under the old specification). Immediately upon completing my A-Levels, I studied Maths at the University of Warwick where I graduated with a 2:1 (BSc Hons).

Shortly after graduating, I worked as an actuarial technician at NFU Mutual before ultimately pursuing tutoring full-time.

During my time tutoring, I’ve developed a diagnostic and tailored approach. I quickly realised I had a natural flair to teaching and coaching – I’ve helped hundreds of students to achieve excellent results along the way. I’ve found tutoring a fulfilling and stimulating career and I will continue to empower students to help them achieve their academic potential.