Online Tuition

With Clear Maths Tuition, it’s more than a classroom – it’s bringing online learning to life

Online tuition has made significant strides over the years

At Clear Maths Tuition, pride is taken to ensure that online lessons resembles in-person tuition – those students who have sampled both forms with Clear Maths Tuition agree!

Online lessons are convenient, hassle-free and extremely reliable

Online Whiteboard

BitPaper or Microsoft OneNote are typically used as whiteboards  

Writing Capability

Computer/laptop and graphics tablet or tablet and stylus pen

Screen Share

 Zoom or Skype is generally easiest to use for screen sharing

Tailored to Suit Your Needs

The methods described above are the most common and successful methods that Clear Maths Tuition uses for online tuition.

Even if you haven’t tried online tuition before, or you have used alternative forms of online tuition elsewhere; you can be rest assured that Clear Maths Tuition will always aim to find a system to meet your needs and learning style.

For online students, a free “set-up” session is offered to ensure that we have the right equipment and configuration.

Our Online Whiteboard

A typical question students ask is “where do we write?”

BitPaper – a website that comprises of a collaborative and interactive whiteboard that both tutor and students can write on in real time. It’s easy to use and free to set up an account. Click here to access the BitPaper site for more information.

Microsoft OneNote – a free note-taking with powerful capabilities. Students are recommended to download this software in order to take advantage of resources that Clear Maths Tuition has to offer. In addition, this can be downloaded as a free app on your phone! Click here to access the Microsoft OneNote website for more information.

Our Writing Capability

Great! We have our whiteboard sorted, but how do we write?

Don’t worry, you won’t be expected to write on plain paper and hold your writing from your page to a webcam every three minutes!

Computer/laptop and graphics tablet – if your computer or laptop doesn’t have touchscreen capability – not to worry. You can purchase a graphics tablet (often grouped with a stylus pen – check before your purchase!). Wacom is my graphics tablet of choice. Click here to watch videos on how graphics tablets work.

Tablet and stylus pen – if you have a tablet or laptop with touchscreen capability, then acquiring a suitable stylus pen will be great for online tuition lessons. This experience is truly like writing on pen and paper!

Our Screen Share

Screen sharing allows for enhanced communication and collaboration.

The additional benefit to screen sharing softwares such as Skype or Zoom is that lessons can be recorded (as long as all parties are happy do so) and students can play back lessons at any time!

Additionally, it’s also a hassle free for students and tutors to share questions and content via their own screens.

Screen sharing helps to “round off” the online experience to give it an authentic in-person feel.

Parent of Online Student

Rami is an excellent tutor. He is working online with my son for his AS Maths. Rami is always very well prepared for the lessons with great learning resources, and nothing is too much trouble. He is very thorough and explains everything clearly. He is enthusiastic and engaging and makes the subject matter easy to understand. I have no hesitation in recommending Rami to anyone looking for a great Maths tutor.